The Shadow Into The Psychic House.

Later after birth and being born as a whole we start fragmentation as soon as the mind begins eating from the tree of knowledge. Segregation starts into good and evil, furthermore we begin the shadow making process.

Darkness and light are two interdependent forces of energy. Known in Chinese and Japanese as Yin and Yan.

Based of this interdependent relation, dark force of energy does not go away, it actually collects into the dark corners of our personality.

When the characteristics of human darkness, (those we grew up conditioned to repress), can’t find a way to manifest healthily, and have been long enough fluctuating within our mind, they begin to take life of their own giving birth to “The Shadow.”

The Shadow erupts as an overpowering rage or some indiscretion that slips past us through different forms of manifestation such as depression or any other mental downfalls.

If the human being, cannot find the right tools for learning how to develop balance into the darkness and light, sets an easier environment within for the Shadow to become stronger than the light. 

The Shadow gone autonomous is a terrible monster in our psychic house.

How can we prevent such a terrible scenario to manifest?

1.  Resiliency :

Psychologists have pointed out we become resilient when we commit ourselves to embrace, and deal with pain (which is inevitable and unavoidable in human life) without getting lost in the suffering.

Suffering is the state in which our fear of pain, and our desire to avoid it close us off to the possibilities inherent in every situation.
As described above, and on this blog through the article, YOGA “THE HOLY GRAIL FOR RESILIENCE”October 15, 2016, posted in mindfulness the mind is like a phantom that lives only in the past or future. 

Its only power over you is to draw your attention out of the present.

Studies in the field of medicine suggest that Yoga is the only form of physical activity that provides complete exercise to the body, because it massages all the internal organs, and glands.

Yoga and Its Benefits

2.  Meditation also becomes another effective tool for resiliency by improving:

•  Cognitive Function

•  Memory 

•  Creativity and Problem Solving

•  Increases Concentration and Attention Span
•  Enhances ability to learn
•  Promotes Restful Sleep

Increases Brain Activity in the areas associated with happiness and positive thinking, which are required for rehabilitation and hence transformation of any gone autonomous shadow.

There’s nothing wrong with talking about the existence of the shadow, as a matter of fact is necessary for dawns to break into mindful and brighter Sunrises, but it’s within our power to love ourselves enough in order to embrace our psychic house, by intercepting the enemy (while still visible on safety grounds),  instead of letting it grow powerful as an unstoppable monster that will sabotage our growth and evolution.

Last but not least:

“Who looks outside dreams…Who looks inside AWAKEN.”-Carl G. Jung


Glenda Lee Santos; Retired Veteran and Yoga Warrior; Criminal Justice, BA; RYT-200 hrs; Holistic Practitioner with Foundation in Yoga and Ayurveda; Reiki Master; Reiki Master; Master Resilience Trainer.

1. Carl G. Jung: Wounded Healer of the Soul ( Clair Dunne) First edition.
2. Modern Man in Search Of A Soul. (Carl G. Jung and 2 more) First edition.
3. Owning Your Shadow ( Robert A. Johnson) First edition.

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