Remember Me…

When you have been swallowed by trouble, I am there. When the waves are breaking over your head and you are gasping for air, I am waiting for you to turn to Me, to reach out to say My name. When you feel as if you cannot escape the current, I am ready to rescue. When you feel the slick seaweed pulling you deeper and deeper, when you think you are entangled to ever escape, when you feel you will never find a foothold, My arms are reaching out, My soles are dug deep, and I am waiting… for you to remember Me. And when you do, I am spurred into action. When you think no one can hear your cry, your voice comes to My ear. And I answer your call. From the deepest, darkest recesses, I bring you into the light. I lift you above the waves, out of the current, up from the seaweed. Your back is covered, just


-Your Rabbi Jesus

Semperlee Yoga Corp. wishes you a peaceful Easter and Resurrection’s Sunday.

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