Fall if you will, but rise you must!

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.” -Yoda

Are we truly aware regards what the dark side is?

When watching a Star-wars scene or reading this quote from Master Yoda, what does it really arrive to your mind?

Let’s begin explaining what dark side or dark forces are. As such they are non-human dark energy beings which are sent to earth with the intention of causing of harm, misery, pain, and disorder among the human race.

They are also here as part of a power and control battle over humans that has been going on since the beginning of human existence.

They are only allowed in humans that in some way have made an agreement with them in some type of conscious or unconscious way.

This agreement that is made by humans is in essence an agreement to give up personal power through fear, anger, or other lower based emotions.

When we are in fear or anger, we begin to give up a part of our power.

Allowing ourselves to unconsciously become the target of dark force attachments.

Another reason people pick up dark forces is called Soul Loss.

Soul Loss is the loss of personal power and energy from trauma. In other words denying to ourselves the opportunity to activate and develop inner resilience skills.

Whenever we have an emotional or physical trauma, a part of our soul leaves the body to survive the experience.

The automative part of our nervous system (sympathetic) turns on the fight and flight response reflexes overpowering the parasympathetic area of our nervous system, which roots the vagus nerve which counteracts (through efficient breathing ) relaxation reflexes instantly.

As such when unable to activate biological resilience skills, we allow our soul to leave the body in order to survive the experience.

When soul loss occurs it causes permanent holes and openings in the energy field which allow the entry of dark forces and spirit attachments.

There are five types of dark forces.

• Shapeshifting Giant Demons

These are the most highly advanced type of demons.They are whole non-human dark energy beings with an extremely high intelligence and ego.

There are able to move in and around the energy body (aura) and the physical body.

They are able to jump in and out of this realm and into theirs. They can be seen as balls of black energy in the energy field by those that have psychic gifts of vision.

They are the major threat in the battle over humanity. They were never angels or light beings or came from the light,they were all born out of dark energy and dark consciousness.

They are the most elusive and hardest to remove because they are able to shield themselves from the vision and detection of most healers.

They are the most common and can be found on most people who have attachments. The only way they can be detected is through shamanic journeying or dowsing with a pendulum ( by a spiritual or energy healing trained person).

As a Certified Spirit Guide Coach, I strongly would not encourage becoming creative (by curiosity) into this unknown field.

Keep in mind that dark forces will try to reach a target even if it requires to conceal through an image of a deceased relative that would attract our attention.

Shapeshifters have been on earth since the beginning of time but more recently they have evolved in the ways they function with humans.

• Lesser demons

These are the lower form of demon. Their advancement in the way they work is not parallel to the shapeshifters but they still possess a dark and negative power.

Lesser demons are a combination of masses of dark and negative souls that have been compressed together to form a dark energy being.

Lesser demons are a weaker and less powerful form of demon but hey are still a threat.

• Dark ET’s and Reptilians/greys

Well, my dearest people we cannot take for granted that we are the only proof of living existence within this universe.

And with all my deepest respect to any religion or spiritual belief, If there are doubts or reactive feedback (to this article) I would encourage to do some searching at Gaia channel about this subject, where there are scientific references and recorded paranormal events about this subject.

Dark ET’s and Reptilians are alien dark forces. They work together with the demons of the dark side.

They are more advanced then the demons of the dark forces and they control and are leaders of many demons. Dark ET’s and reptilians are on a much higher level of power than the demons and therefore retain a higher intelligence because of that.

Dark ET’s are harder to remove because of their level of intelligence and power. Dark ET’s work on a much deeper level within humans to separate them from there higher soul or higher level of power.

Dark ET’s and reptilians also steal the astral body or spirit body of many humans while they sleep and dream.

That’s why the importance of being mindful with opening our home’s doors to people we do not know and your instinct warns you about something out of place.

I would not provide access to my temple (home) to an emotional vampire or a person that no matter how much people would have tried to help him/her overcome adversity, the person seems to enjoy or even stay into an emotional pond.

Remember this quote from Sun Tzu

” Pick your battles carefully in life.”

Dark ET’s have also created a conflict with the laws of the universe by interfering with the freewill of the human population. Would we really need worse than this 🤔 I do not think so.

• Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels are dark angelic beings. Which were once light beings but over time they chose to have power over and control the human race.

They chose the darkside and were separated from the angels of the light. Fallen angels are extremely rare and have been found to only possess female women.

They are not a major threat in the battle of power over the human race. However, one of the things to apply in regular civilian life, and that I have learned within my military career is “There is no small enemy.”

• Sorcerer spirit entities and Negative Spirit Entities

Negative spirit entities:

Are human souls (pay attention to this) who at the time of death did not choose to cross over to the other side.

But they are much different then other human souls that are trapped on earth.

They in some way have chosen to help and aid the dark forces in their work to have power over humans.

NSE work alongside the dark forces to share in the manipulation and energy stealing from humans.

Sorcerer Spirit Entities:

Be advised that these are a special group of negative spirits that have chosen a much darker path then the ordinary negative spirit entities.

SSE exist by stealing soul pieces and personal power from the people they possess.

SSE work together with demons to have more power over the person they possess.

Many sse were at one time sorcerers in there life on earth, ladies and gentleman we are not talking about a member of Hogwarts mystery scenes from any of the movies of Harry Potter.

Sorcerers were people that worked with the power of the darkside to have power over other people.

Many sorcerers were from the medieval ages but still Sorcerers can be found in all walks of life in modern times from the energy thief that wastes your time and steals your energy to the rapist who steals the power of the women he rapes.

SSE steal and hold parts of personal power from the people they possess and when they are removed they must give up the parts of power they have stolen.

Where do I want to get through all the above?

1. Do not engage into unknown mystic or spiritual practices, like some kind of game. Always remember that “Curiosity killed the cat.”

2. I am not encouraging any religion here, but at least keep yourself mindfully attracted by what it feels enlightening, and peaceful. In other words what brings and awakens feelings of lightness, love and protection within your being.

Anything that get you closer to a better version of yourself and would not put you into risk or self destructive behavior. Neither to your loved ones.

3. Do not spend long hours watching morbid movies or series that are meant to encourage and promote aggressive behavior and obviously pay 👀 attention to what your children watch at the television 📺.

Keep in mind that they are our weakness and anything trying to attack us (unsuccessfully) will return through your blind spot or someone that will pull you back or push you to cross behind the enemy lines.

4. Take once a week or every two weeks Himalayan Salt baths or even blend it with your favorite shower gel. Also place Himalayan Salt lamps at areas that feel energetically tense or heavy.

5. Keep your house clean energetically.

Either through diffusion of Dō Terra (therapeutic grade) essential oils such as sage and frankincense,

I like to drop a few drops of sage essential oil at the water (I will mop the floor with at home or where I facilitate as a yoga teacher) , also burning sandalwood, sage, holy wood or frankincense incenses, work effectively. See below image as reference.

6. Crystals for grounding or protection:

7. Tibetan Singing bowl cleansing:

As previously explained, space purification is done using incense, also following by singing bowl purification, would strongly reinforce the intention.

As your living space is cleansed with regular use of the singing bowl, its metalic sound will get purer, and sharper each day to reflect cleaner energy around you.

You can also place your crystals inside on the bowl and striking it with the mallet will remove negative energies from them.

Last but not least;

Unfortunately, often the concepts of shielding and protection are filled with misunderstandings or drama.

Rather than create a sense of security and comfort within Self, despite the appearance of safety, it tends to reinforce a belief that one is powerless.

This in turn reinforces the fear that shapes our experience of the non-physical world.

Everything from surrounding yourself with white light, prayers (beseeching), smoke, crystals, symbols, and talismans, are all forms of protection that are commonly spoken of.

All of these practices hold one thing in common:

The faith, and more often hope, that we’ll be safe in our spiritual experience.

In summary all that had been shared above is to rise awareness regards the power we give to this type of threat by providing fearful feedback.

This is not about you setting yourself as their target either.

Unfortunately, you cannot have hope of something without having doubt of it.

While it is the very nature of hope to inspire against doubt, hope cannot dispel that which it is drawn from.

It is the doubt of our power that acts against us in our awakening to our true Self.

As you think, so shall you be, and experience.

May the force be with you!

Namaste 🙏🏻

With love and always from the light.


Glenda Lee Santos; Humble Military and Yoga Warrior; RYT-200 hrs; Criminal Justice, BA; Holistic Practitioner with Foundation in Yoga and Ayurveda; CAI; CCR; CACR; SGC.

“Attachment leads to jealousy. The shadow of grief that is. Train yourself to let go everything you fear to lose.” -Master Yoda

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