A Brand New Day…

Im writing this column in the pitch darkness, “incomunicado” as most of us are in at this hour, on Sept 22nd after hurracain Maria split the island of Puerto Rico diagonally. 

If you have the pleasure of reading this in the late days of Sept 2017, you are probably one of the few lucky ones who has cell/internet service; most likely on the side of the road on your way or back from work where suddenly you phone has haoled at you because it just came back in service into what we are commonly calling now  “hotspots”.

Since I, (like most of you) have some time on my hands; I’ve decided to write some words that, for lack of a better expression, a Princess Warrior has been “dogging” me to write. These past few days we have as a yoga community put our mental resources to the test. First keeping calm in preparations for a -life changing- event: then resisting the storm a 24hr wind grinding, so to speak situation. 

Now, in the aftermath, when all the adrenalin has past: we begin rebuilding. Anyone who has been in war understands this. Anyone who has lost everything also. However, those who are in a middle ground; and not at liberty to roam as they please are trapped by not knowing how to deal with all this “me” time on our hands. 

Just a week ago, you scheduled your yoga class, meditation session or gym time. Today… you have no idea what to do with all your free time. But really, wasn’t this what you have been asking for? More free time? 

Ok, ok, right: without the mayhem and disaster. Surely, not knowing where your love ones are every single moment when you want, and to be replied in a quick prompt manner want is more than daunting and creates tension. 

I would like to extend a word of advice…

We do not practice yoga just to calm yourself and putting your intrusive thought to rest while running through life; but also to elevate yourself over your mild temporary limitations. 

Like when you can’t use you personal phone at work and you sneaked into the bathroom for a 5 minute mantra or when your co-worker gets on your nerves by asking why you were walking barefoot around the office.

We too can do the same now by seeking the gran benefit in braking the chains that society has created is indeed the true aspect of resilient mindfulness. 

Nevertheless; this to shall pass. Please, take these words home with you. Sit at your table and remember how much fun you had before all this “material, technology driven, fast paced world” trapped us all. Its just a brake. 

A short, couple of months brake. Where the short, intense bursts of happiness and delayed gratification will grant you pleasure. This is a great moment to look on the Sunny side of the Street; at the little things that make a big difference. 

Dr. Rob Beach 

Your Life is just waiting to happen, get busy living or get busy dying!

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