Writing is the 🎨 painting of the voice.


Just as good rain clears the air, a good writing ✒️clears 📝the psyche.” – Julia Cameron.

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We thank you for following and supporting the mission to provide resiliency’s skills through yoga and holistic’s alternatives to those who wants to learn or simply need some love and light during times of struggle.


Legal Disclaimer notes 📝

•  Always seek medical advice before making adjustments to your diet or physical fitness routine. 

•  Semperleeyoga.org does not encourage withdrawal or self-release from any medical treatment; neither intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

•  This website contains yoga, meditation, and holistic practices recommendations with no intention to replace necessary medical attention from a qualified health provider.

•   Not every exercise is recommended for every person or condition, and caution should be used in engaging with any physical practice that is unfamiliar.

•  If you are new to yoga, the postures within this website although recommended by a certified yoga instructor, are best learned from a live class facilitated by a certified instructor as well.

Last but not least;

•  Always make careful assessments of the areas you will place your yoga mat (when embracing your practice), breathing is priority, and among all safety.


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The Shadow Into The Psychic House.

Later after birth and being born as a whole we start fragmentation as soon as the mind begins eating from the tree of knowledge. Segregation starts into good and evil, furthermore we begin the shadow making process. Darkness and light are two interdependent forces of energy. Known in Chinese and Japanese as Yin and Yan. … Continue reading The Shadow Into The Psychic House.

How to improve your “Emotional Intelligence.”

Emotional intelligence is our capability to recognize our own emotions and those of others. This encourages the development of discernment between different feelings so we can label them appropriately. If we become able to structure our emotional information it will guide our thinking and behavior, towards easier transition into different types of environments facilitating us … Continue reading How to improve your “Emotional Intelligence.”

Divide and Conquer Strategy, Between The Shadow and Our Inner Light.

Divide and rule is a strategy principle used by an opposite force, furthermore while waging war.  Any kind of war.  Inside or outside our physical bodies.  Inside or outside our psychic house. It’s purpose is to gain or maintain dominion by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than … Continue reading Divide and Conquer Strategy, Between The Shadow and Our Inner Light.

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